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Uncategorized Barry on 29 Feb 2008 03:16 pm

Still loving TED

I was hoping to blog everyday from TED but it’s just too hard. Every minute awake here at TED@Aspen is filled with sometime very fantastic to occupy the mind or body. Dan and I are working with a group called The Little Kids Collective to create the conference wrap up and we are mostly working late at night. Day time is filled with watching all the amazing speakers that are giving us the fodder with which we create the wrap up.

Today I brought my laptop and am blogging while watching speakers – duh! I guess I could have thought of that sooner – especially since the have a room called Blogger’s Alley.

Some very fun people I have to let you know about – other members of the collective. Ze Frank is this very funny guy I’d never heard of before. Certainly my fault and not hit… he’s doing great things. Check out his site. Watch The Show with Ze Frank. Raw and hilarious.

Rives – I wish I met this guy like a decade ago. Slam poet, funny man, and a guy I’ve had a good time hanging out with for the past few days. Check out his site and see some of his work on YouTube. He’s Rainman meets Lenny Bruce.

Jill Sobule – I wrote about her in the last post and yes – more and more of the same. She’s amazing. Such a wacky sense of humor which can instantly be transformed into a song on her guitar which is never far away. I’m really excited about working with her in this conference wrap up because she really floats so well from idea to a place where none of us guys go. She’s a team player in a smelly room of guys eating pizza and trying to get their jokes heard.

Every speaker mentions Craig Venter – what a legend. I watched his talk and was inspired, confused, and scared.

There is a really good blog about the TED conference and you should check it out. I’m just watching the talks and taking it all in… Way too soon to put it back out.

3 Responses to “Still loving TED”

  1. on 29 Feb 2008 at 4:53 pm 1.Vincent Blackwood said …

    Ah…thanks, Barry. Yet another chance to write annoyingly nice things about Jill! But hell, you beat me too it!

    Thanks for the E-mail and this cool blog.

  2. on 04 Mar 2008 at 11:25 am 2.Charles Zucke r said …

    Well I’m a numbskull I guess because I don’t know what “TED” is. What a non-edgy LOSER I must be. S wanting to get educated, I click on the TED links and I get 404s. Not info about TED. I’m surprised that 20 years later you guys are STILL LIARS! “Click on this to TED”. How about “Click on this for a magical trip into immortality and fun!” Doesn’t make any difference, it’s all fake. Just like your phony British accents. Okay, bye.

  3. on 04 Mar 2008 at 12:55 pm 3.Barry said …

    You don’t know what TED is? And I put in a lousy link. Charles, after so long I have let you down and I’ll make amends. Let it start with this corrected link. http://www.ted.com


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